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Burlap and Wrapped
Thompson's - Westwood Florist

Send a Burlap or Wrapped bouquet from Thompson's - Westwood Florist! Fredericksburg favorite florist offers bouquets without the vase - available for delivery.
If we’re honest, we all have tons of vases that we don’t even use. If you want to order flowers for yourself, or send flowers to a friend, skip the vase and send a craft paper bouquet from our Burlap and Wrapped Collection! At Thompson's - Westwood Florist in Fredericksburg, VA, we believe in cutting our carbon footprint any way we can. The Burlap and Wrapped Collection allows you to do just that. Our Burlap and Wrapped collection grants you many options for colors and flower types. Stay classic with red roses wrapped in craft paper with our Moulin Rouge bouquet. Or, go bright and bold with the Boho Bolds bouquet. Whichever style you choose, ordering flowers from the eco-friendly Burlap and Wrapped collection at Thompson's - Westwood Florist will make you feel good!